What if I blow below a .08 in Washington State?

First of all, the fact that you blew below the legal limit within two hours of driving puts you in a very good position to challenge your case.

Much of your case’s success would be based on this other evidence. For example, if you performed well on the field tests and/or you were not displaying the typical signs of impairment, any argument to the contrary by the prosecutor would be weakened by this lack of other evidence. Other technical information such as calibration, etc. can be found on each Datamaster Machine’s report.

It is important to see the Discovery as it is entirely possible that the prosecutor may have enough evidence to go forward with a DUI affected prong (no BAC or below .08). Hopefully you know at this point that the city doesn’t need any breath test result to prove someone is DUI. The person who has the expertise to address your concerns is your attorney and I would strongly urge you to share your questions and concerns with him/her.

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