Client Reviews

Ray and his staff are tremendous.

BA- Aug 2015

Ray is one of those earnest and genuine lawyers who’s truly impassioned at his craft and to serve his clients. He really does care, and gives his personality cell number so you can reach him via texts with questions and concerns. He works his tail off and his extensive knowledge and preparation comes out in court. Ray is articulate and savvy, yet down to earth and real. I couldn’t think of a judge or jury who wouldn’t like Ray or think he was sincere. He represents his clients well, and is a true pros pro in his field.

Ray handled my case which went on for over a year. The entire time I maintained my innocence and I can say with certainty that Raymond Ejarque truly believed in my innocence too – which came out in his vigorous defense of my innocence. The week leading up to my trial, when I was at an all time low, and my future, life all career looked ominous if found guilty, Ray and his staff were there to cheer me up by their genuine concern, actions, and world class preparation. Rays attention to detail, and finding the important hidden evidence is unmatched. Despite tremendously difficult odds Ray and I won in trial – with a unanimous vote of “not guilty” by the entire jury. All I could do was cry and hug Ray, he knew I was innocent all along and he gave me back my life and freedom again.

I have so much respect for Raymond Ejarque and I didn’t just consider him my attorney but also a friend. Had I won or lost (and we won big) I would highly recommend Ray to anyone because I knew he did all he could.

Thanks, Ray!

RJ Nov 2015

I hired Ray back in 2013 after a DUI charge. I had never been in any trouble with the law and was very scared & confused. After talking to several lawyers about my case & hearing their less than optimistic hopes for my outcome I contacted Ray. Ray immediately sounded very confident and had an immediate strategy for how he would handle my case if hired. I liked his moxie & I hired him on the spot! Ray & his staff were very informative in keeping me updated on my case & what needed to be done to put my best foot forward in front of a judge if it got that far. I was unwilling to agree to the DAs only laughable offer of a guilty as charged plea as I was completely innocent of the charges against me. 2 years later we finally went to trial. I was amazed at the theatrics of Mr. Eraque during the trial. Again my case was not an easily winnable one according to “other” attorneys. Due to Rays excellent defense & me being rigorously prepped on how to provide my testimony I was found NOT Guilty. I couldn’t be happier as this had taken a toll on my life for 2 years. I thought my life was over and Ray came in and saved the day! Ray really went to bat for me in so many ways & was always thinking ahead to ensure there were no mistakes. I would recommend Ray to anyone. DUIs in Washington are no joke,even if your not behind the wheel as was the case with me! You can know you have someone who is going to give you your best possible shot at freedom when you hire Ray.

Great lawyer – great support – really outstanding experience

Anonymous – 2009

Raymond was very supportive of my situation which includes an embarrassing and difficult situation (DUI arrest.) He honestly was able to negotiate the best possible resolution for me. He listened and understood my concerns. He is obviously VERY knowledgeable in the area of DUI in the state of Washington. He has a great rapport with the prosecutors as well as the judges and clerks. I appreciated the fact that during each hearing/appearance in court – Raymond was there personally. Thank you Raymond – I hope to not have to call you again, but I will definitely recommend you in a second!

I really liked working with this lawyer

Irene, a DUI client – 2012

This was my first case of getting a dui. I was so nervous. I called around, and a different lawyer recommended him, I was going to get reckless driving. but I am happy it got dropped to negligent. Thanks again Raymond! Glad he worked hard on my case.

I would work with Mr. Ejarque again in a heartbeat. Here’s why:

Sam, a DUI client

I got in trouble for a DUI last winter. Needless to say I was pretty freaked out. About a week later my father became ill with a terminal disease and lives in another state. I new that I had to be there, to hang with my dad, but my looming court dates were threatening to keep me in Washington.

I hired Raymond after calling around to a few different lawyers. None of them seemed very optimistic for my chances in court as I’d blown a high BAC and I could just hear it in their voices. No enthusiasm. When I finally got Mr. Ejarque on the phone I felt immediately that I could trust him and that he wasn’t just trying to land a client. After a consultation I hired him and we seriously went to work.

My dad got worse and I was called away for nearly three months intermittently and was forced to miss a court date and push them back to a later date. Mr. Ejarque adeptly handled all the administrative side of my case while I attended to family needs which mentally and emotionally gave me a lot of freedom to deal with my ailing parent.

In the meantime Mr. Ejarque, after extensively reviewing my case, was able to find several issues for us to fight the charge on and we went to bat. My dad passed away not long before my trial date, but Mr. Ejarque had fought for me in my absence and prepared me for what was to come. He eventually was able to get my case amended down to a reckless driving.

A DUI charge in Washington state is no joke. To have to deal with that on top of a dying parent is about the worst thing I’ve gone through in my life. Having someone on my side who could handle the craziness of court and who was patient with my situation and who has tremendous knowledge of his craft was a stroke of awesome luck for me.

To say I’m grateful doesn’t cut it. I owe a lot to Raymond and would hire him again in a heartbeat.

Thanks Ray! ~ Sam

Best Lawyer I have ever worked with!

Levi, a DUI client, 2011

Raymond was very professional and throrogh he always got back to me in a very timely manner, he was up front with me about all my options, and never left me guessing. he is down to earth and will treat you as an equal. he also has a awesome staff that is always willing to answer your questions. even the judge and other attorneys told me that was lucky to have such a great lawyer. He really went to bat for me! i would recommend Raymond to any body having legal problems!!!

Relieved and Thankful

Sarah, a DUI client – 2011

Raymond handled my boyfriend’s DUI, and his pot-possession charges at the same time for a very affordable flat fee. We worked with him for over a year, and he fought hard for us long after we had paid him in full. We thought he handled the prosecution in both cases very well, and since he knows the Seattle courts and judges inside out, he will push for a continuance if he thinks it wiser to be in front of a different judge. In the end both of the charges were reduced, and there were minimal costs to pay. We are extremely happy and thankful to say the least as he took a situation that could have gone very badly, and somehow got us out of it with minimal damages. If you’re looking for an attorney who is loyal, works hard for you, and won’t cost you a kidney, Ray is your guy.

Don’t take a chance on any another attorney, hire Raymond!

AR, a DUI client – 2011

Raymond and his team took the time to listen to my concerns and went out of the way to provide me with the services I needed so I would be ready for the long DUI case process. Getting a DUI for the first time, I had thousands of questions, but, Raymond and his team really took care of the case and I received an excellent representation. He has extensive experience in DUI cases in the state of Washington. I interviewed 3 other attorneys but I was most impressed with Raymond Ejarque. His staff was also good, very knowledgeable and returned calls promptly and kept me well informed of the process. I could easily see him handle my complicated case in front of a jury. Fortunately it never came to that. The prosecutor settled the case with an negotiated settlement which I was very pleased with (more than I expected). The other thing I liked about Raymond is that he is no-nonsense, he doesn’t ‘sugar-coat’ anything, but he definitely has your best interests in mind If you get a DUI, don’t take a chance on any another attorney, hire Raymond!

Professional and Confident Attorney

Jacob, N. – Apr 12, 2012

To be brief, Raymond Ejarque is very good at what he does. He not only carries the air of professionalism and Confidence that one expects from their lawyer, but he also has a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of DUI and Criminal Law as well as personal connections throughout the legal and counseling system.

Mr. Ejarque is everything he promises to be: Responsive, Attentive, and capable of offering his clients every protection affordable under the Law. I would recommend his services to friends or family without a second thought.

Please keep in mind that the outcome of one persons case does not determine the outcome of another persons case as each case is different. Please speak with Mr. Ejarque to find out what to expect in your case.

Affordable and Dependable Attorney

Chris W. – Apr 12, 2012

For my first time hiring an attorney, my experience with Raymond Ejarque was a very good one. Not only were his services affordable, which is always a great thing, but he also proved to be very dependable and was very good about keeping me in the know about my case every step of the way as it progressed.

In the end, the outcome of what I thought was going to be a difficult case turned out to be MUCH better than I thought. I would gladly recommend Raymond to anyone who needs legal help.

Absolutely Awesome!

Manny, R.- Apr 12, 2012

Ray was absolutely awesome for me. I was confident from the free consultation all the way through sentencing. He did a wonderful job of keeping me informed and explaining options.

He guided me through the procedural maze as well as gently suggested best courses of action by explaining possible and best outcomes. And best outcomes were what I received. I am completely convinced that my future would have been greatly compromised had it not been for Ray. My only regret was that I didn’t retain him sooner. He has my unqualified recommendation and my deepest personal thanks.

Great Communication and Knowledge

Apr 12, 2012 – Anonymous

Raymond is very knowledgeable. Builds great communication, trust and relationship with clients which is found to be comforting. Informs clients of strategies, facts and possible outcomes. Would recommend Raymond to anyone in need of his expertise.

Outstanding DUI Attorney

A DUI Client – Apr 12, 2012

I got arrested for DUI and was really concerned about losing my license and my job. I contacted Mr. Raymond Ejarque and explained him my case.

After our discussion, he gave me really optimistic answers and I was quite skeptical but honestly he proved it through his actions what he said. I didn’t loose my license and got a negligent driving instead of a DUI. God Bless Raymond and his Team.

Great Knowledge and Understanding

A DUI Client – Apr 12, 2012

Raymond Ejarque has illustrated in my case great knowledge and understanding of the DUI charging and court process. I was referred to him by friend whom had hired Raymond for their DUI case with great results. As well, with my case, Raymond proved and delivered the same.

It was my first DUI case and was facing a possible charge and losing my driver license. Raymond took upon my case with great professionalism and defense. Raymond was able to drop the charges to a lower misdemeanor and my drivers license was never revoked. Raymond performed great defense and I recommend him to anyone going through a DUI case.

Tremendous Job

B. – Apr 12, 2012

Ray helped me thru 2 cases in Seattle and King County courts, and did a tremendous job. He was swift and skillful at getting the necessary documents and appointments set so I didn’t have to take too much time away from my office. He was also clear and concise with me in explaining what was happing throughout the legal proceedings. In the end, Ray helped me get 2 charges reduced. In summary, Ray was worth every penny. Thanks Ray!

Excellent lawyer…

Dave L., a DUI client – 2009

I got arrested for DUI and the next day i had to be in court. So i began to search for a lawyer to represent me. Raymond Ejarque popped up on my screen and i gave him a call. I explained to him what was going on and he agreed to meet me in court. I told him I have a CDL license so i can not have my licence get suspended or i would loose my job. He said he would handle everything. 6 months later i still have my CDL and i still have a job. Mr. Ejarque always keeps me informed and tells me whats going on with my case. I would recommend him to anyone. He helped me out on my mistake and I hope I don’t have to use him again because I learned my lesson.

Great lawyer – great support – really outstanding experience

DUI client – 2008

Raymond was very supportive of my situation which includes an embarassing and difficult situation (DUI arrest.) He honestly was able to negotiate the best possible resolution for me. He listened and understood my concerns. He is obviously VERY knowledgable in the area of DUI in the state of Washington. He has a great rapport with the prosecutors as well as the judges and clerks. I appreciated the fact that during each hearing/appearance in court – Raymond was there personally. Thank you Raymond – I hope to not have to call you again, but I will definitely recommend you in a second!


Disclaimer: The result of former client’s cases is not determinative of the result of a future client’s case. Because each matter is different, please call Mr. Ejarque to find out what to expect in your case. This web site provides no legal advice and is in no way a substitute for speaking with an attorney.