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A Dependable and Reliable Dui/Dwi Attorney

Angela, a DUI client

My case was nothing short of difficult. It was my first offense, but it was much more complicated. Trying to find a lawyer proved to be tedious and frustrating. As I explained my circumstance to a handful of lawyers, I could feel their reactions over the phone. I could tell from there voice it was not something they wanted to deal with. I was discouraged until I spoke with Raymond. He explained that it would be hard work but he would be happy to work for me. He put me at ease, as he assured me that many people find themselves in these situations, if not better or worse. Though I was ashamed and scared, Ieft the his office that day knowing that I had someone on my side. Raymond is indeed busy, but that is because he has many clients who trust him. I am one of those. No matter his work load, he always kept me in the loop. I was in Tacoma and he was In Seattle. Still he kept his word and worked very hard. He is both professional and kind. I truly felt as though there was a light at the end of the tunnel. He worked for me and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy attorney willing fight for what is right and just. Raymond, Thank you so much!!

Seattle DUI Settled at Negligent 1st Degree

Anonymous DUI client – 2011

Ray Ejarque recently represented me on a DUI charge in King County. Make no mistake, fighting a DUI here is an extremely tough & trying process, and the State of Washington – unlike many other states – does not have a provision that allows even first-time DUI offenders to avoid a criminal record. That said, all through the 7-month process, Ray (and his very capable associate Sarah Delanty) kept me informed of the many events in my case and provided very valuable advice about what I needed to do & what the process would entail. With Ray’s guidance, we won my DOL civil hearing, which meant that initially my license would not be suspended for 90 days. (Caution: your mileage may vary, as Ray pointed out that only a small % of defendants win the civil case, since the hearing officer can only consider narrow legal aspects.)

The criminal case is very daunting, but again Ray led me every step of the way, offering his best guidance on how we could proceed & what outcomes were possible. He didn’t over-promise – the reality is that now in King County, it is very difficult to beat a DUI; i.e., to escape with no criminal record. Besides the tough (some might say draconian) Washington State DUI laws, a main reason is that hundreds – or more – DUI BACs were tossed out by the courts due to a ruling that lasted for two years. So it seems that KC prosecutors are perhaps making up a bit for lost convictions by being tougher on negotiations now, even on first time offenders, with no prior record of any kind, as I was.

The bottom line is that Ray Ejarque is a true professional that went to bat for me very conscientiously & aggressively, and I’m convinced he got me the best settlement possible. While I do have a simple misdemeanor record now, Ray was able to get my case bargained down twice from DUI – not a trivial matter! – and I ultimately received no license suspension and was not required to get high-risk insurance – which is very costly.

I highly recommend Ray Ejarque for anyone who is unfortunate enough to be going through the DUI process in King County.

Hit and Run Attended Dismissed.

LeeRoy, a Criminal Defense client

Raymond got me out of quite a jam–Hit and Run is serious business. He made me comfortable throughout the court process. I am 78 years old with no criminal record–Ray allowed me to keep it that way! I am so grateful.
He answered all of my questions, and seemed to go out of his way to get the best outcome possible. I will always have a special place in my heart for Ray.

Worth every penny

B, a DUI client, 2010

Ray helped me thru 2 cases in Seattle and King County courts, and did a tremendous job. He was swift and skillful at getting the necessary documents and appointments set so I didn’t have to take too much time away from my office. He was also clear and concise with me in explaining what was happening throughout the legal proceedings. In the end, Ray helped me get 2 charges reduced. In summary, Ray was worth every penny. Thanks Ray!

Great Defense Lawyer

DUI client – 2010

Raymond Ejarque has illustrated in my case great knowledge and understanding of the DUI charging and court process. I was referred to him by friend whom had hired Raymond for their DUI case with great results. As well, with my case, Raymond proved and delivered the same. It was my first DUI case and was facing a possible charge and losing my driver license. Raymond took upon my case with great professionalism and defense. Raymond was able to drop the charges to a lower misdemeanor and my drivers licence was never revoked. Raymond performed great defense and I recommend him to anyone going through a DUI case.

Excellent Lawyer

DUI client – 2009

I got arrested for DUI and was really concerned about losing my license and my job. I contacted Mr. Raymond Ejarque and explained him my case. After our discussion, he gave me really optimistic answers and I was quite skeptical but honestly he proved it through his actions what he said. I didn’t loose my license and got a negligent driving instead of a DUI. God Bless Raymond and his Team.

Chris W

DUI client – 2008

For my first time hiring an attorney, my experience with Raymond Ejarque was a very good one. Not only were his services affordable, which is always a great thing, but he also proved to be very dependable and was very good about keeping me in the know about my case every step of the way as it progressed. In the end, the outcome of what I thought was going to be a difficult case turned out to be MUCH better than I thought. I would gladly recommend Raymond to anyone who needs legal help.

Compassionate and Effective, Raymond Ejarque comes highly recommended

DUI client, 2008

To be brief, Raymond Ejarque is very good at what he does.
He not only carries the air of professionalism and Confidence that one expects from their lawyer, but he also has a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of DUI and Criminal Law as well as personal connections throughout the legal and counseling system.

Mr. Ejarque is everything he promises to be: Responsive, Attentive, and capable of offering his clients every protection affordable under the Law. I would recommend his services to friends or family without a second thought.


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