Seattle Criminal Attorney – A Basic Introduction On Criminal Defense

A conviction can affect your job, your license, your freedom and your future!

If you have been charged with a criminal charge in Seattle you need an experienced, dedicated, skillful attorney on your side. Not just an aggressive attorney. Of course, aggressive tactics can be helpful, but sometimes they can be counterproductive.

Many people are unaware of how close of a call it can be when a Judge decides to dismiss a case, a prosecutor decides to reduce charges or a jury decides a defendant is not guilty. Sometimes the smallest detail, the most obscure technicality or the nuanced argument of the attorneys will make all the difference.

With over 15 years of experience Mr. Ejarque knows how to find the right tactic that can make the difference between winning and losing your case in a Seattle court. He has represented over a thousand people charged with crimes including: property offenses, domestic violence, sex offenses, drug charges, vehicular assaults, hit and run, DUI, driving with suspended license, assault, burglary, white collar crime, weapon offenses, murder and many more.

Mr. Ejarque has many years of experience exclusively representing those accused with felony offenses. He has represented two clients charged with murder. He has had numerous felony jury trials. In addition he has represented several clients in the Washington State Court of Appeals.

If you have been falsely accused by someone of committing a crime you are not alone. Mr. Ejarque has extensive experience in dealing with witnesses who have made false and misleading allegations. People lie for a number of different reasons, including some police officers. Mr. Ejarque has spent years developing his skills and tactics in dealing with witnesses who lie. It is rare occasion that a witness will admit they are not being honest. Mr. Ejarque uses a number of different tactics to make it clear to a jury that a witness may not be telling the truth.

For example, Mr. Ejarque may obtain all available background information on a witness which may reveal a motive to lie or a history of dishonest activity. Some of this may not be admissible in court, but it is always the starting point. Mr. Ejarque will then have an investigator take a statement from the witness. Normally this should be done early in the case. Mr. Ejarque has had many cases where the witness has made a statement to his investigator entirely different then made to the police. Mr. Ejarque will then obtain any other available statements made by the witness to other people or officials. In the right cases, Mr. Ejarque may be able to demonstrate to a Jury that the witness has made numerous inconsistent statements.