A recent DUI in Seattle, and a previous DUI in another State, Can I be extradited?

In order for you to be extradited there needs to generally be a warrant for your arrest. If you did have one, it should have come up when you were arrested on the current DUI charge and you would have most likely been held without bond pending a decision by the other State in which you had the previous DUI as to whether they choose to extradite you.

I have never seen anyone extradited on a misdemeanor warrant. It is just too expensive. Any attorney you hire in Washington will want to know your previous out of state case background information in order to provide you with the best legal representation in your current Washington DUI case.

Make sure you do not try to handle your Washington DUI case on your own. Even if the DUI charge was vacated in the other state, seeing a prior alcohol related charge in your criminal history will make the prosecutors in Washington think twice in how they choose to treat your case and in terms of any negotiations if or when it comes up. Washington’s DUI penalties are some of the most strict in the nation, and you need a good DUI defense attorney. It is important you retain one ASAP as there are critical timing issues in all DUI cases. One of the most immediate is a pending driver’s license suspension.


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