In your best interest, Options to get your case resolved

When a person is charged with DUI in Seattle, he/she has four options to get their case resolved:  Pleading guilty, trying to negotiate a reduction in charges, entering a deferred prosecution or litigating the case at a trial. Of course there are other factors to consider such as evidence, prior criminal history, prosecutor’s input,  BAC level, etc. that affect outcomes of your case. However, making the final call on which legal course to choose depends on the driver. The person will need to discuss his/her case with a lawyer before making such a decision.  The lawyer will hear the defender’s side of the story and help him/her determine which option is in their best interest.

In fact, when your car is stopped by the police, you can refuse to answer any of their questions until speaking to a Seattle DUI lawyer. You will be asked questions later again. However, after speaking to an attorney you will have a better perspective on how to answer your questions.  Laws in Washington State regarding DUI are really hard and your responses can be used against you, so that is something you should be careful about.

A DUI lawyer can help you figure about which option is in the driver’s best interest. The lawyer will hear your case and advise you about the chances of beating the charges, your rights and obligations. Their advice can be crucial, meaning the difference between positive and negative outcomes.

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